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Salanis Dork
7/11/08 11:58 a.m.

I gotta go back to my PC's being like tweaked out 240sx's (with a megasquirt, junkyard turbo, oversized radiator, and some primered body panels). They'll do anything I throw them at in a fun way, maybe not as well as some other machines. They're dirt cheap. On the whole, they're pretty stable and dependable. They don't require a degree to make them work, but they wouldn't work if you don't have basic knowledge or mechanics skills. They have little hiccups more often than normal, but usually that's on some old piece I cobbled together that shouldn't have worked in the first place. When there is a hiccup, I generally just need to pop the hood and turn a couple screws.

PC's aren't a single make or model of car. There are SOOoooooo many people making all sorts of different machines for different uses. They are fleet sedans for most companies, and crazy exotic tuners owned by maladjusted guys in their early 20's. There is a model in any price range with all variety of customization options and quality of fit and finish.

Mac OS X is not an Accord. It's more like an Acura than an Accord. It costs more, and things are a bit more likely to break down. When OS X breaks down, it isn't just a quick little thing that you can tweak with under the hood, it's always pretty significant and frequently doesn't make sense. The fixes aren't cheap, and you can't go out and buy any cheap part at the local shop, you need to go to a specialist, where the parts cost 3 times as much. For example: I had a virtually brand new Mac refuse to recognize that I'd put a CD in the drive. Not even a "Blank Disk" image... just nothing. Then I couldn't get the disk out, because the fancy OS was too good for something so mundane as a button that would eject the disk. No, it didn't even have one of those little holes to stick a paper clip in.

I swear, Apple designs their machines with the philosophy of: "This is the perfect machine! Nothing will ever go wrong on this machine because it has been built perfectly." Me: "Something went wrong. How do I fix this? Umm... I'm not seeing a way to fix this. Did you guys not build in a way to fix problems?" Apple: "Of course we don't have a system for fixing problems. Nothing could ever go wrong with an Apple." Me: "But it just did. How do I fix it?" Apple: "No it didn't. Don't worry about it." Me: [Goes and builds another PC and installs Win 2k on it.]

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with:

Unix = Locost OS X = Mercedes Windows = Every other Major manufacturer.

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