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Josh Reader
3/3/09 9:40 a.m.

My first day of a new job at Washington U (until then I had been a student), I parked in the staff garage. I had to go in at 7am to help unload and set up a new CNC mill in the shop where I worked. The parking office did not open until 8, so I gave them a call letting them know I was a new employee and I would be over at lunch to give them their $600 or so for a parking pass. When I went out to get my car at lunch, it wasn't there. So I borrowed a friend's car and drove over to the parking office, which was conveniently located a mile or so from the main campus. I asked the attendant where my car was, and he refused to tell me. I was not happy about this, obviously. Eventually he said he was going to call the campus police if I didn't leave. I went out and sat on the steps, after a few minutes a campus officer arrived, went inside, and left a few minutes later. Then I went back in and asked him; "Now that that's over with, can you please tell me where my car is?" Which for some reason he did immediately this time :). I told him that this had bee a fine way to treat a new employee on his first day, who simply could not make it to the parking office before work. I also told him that I had reconsidered and would no longer be buying a parking pass. For the rest of the year I happily parked on the street just off campus without receiving a single ticket. So in a sense, I am glad they towed me, it saved me about $500 in the end :D.

mad_machine GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
3/3/09 10:22 a.m.

I once got a parking ticket 20 years ago that I never paid. I had my hopped up VW superbeetle at the time and had parked in the lot behind work NEXT to the no parking painted off section.

Came out of work to my car sitting in the painted off section and a ticket in the windshield.. seems some of the jokers at work had picked up my car and moved it so they could park

neon4891 SuperDork
3/3/09 10:36 a.m.

In my one semester at SUNY Morrisville, my parking pass limited me to 2 different lots. Thankfully the usless rent-a-cops give you 1 or 2 warning slips before they ticket you. I had a few warnings one time when there was NO spaces available, so I parked on the grass next to the lot. Thankfully I went for a mid week drive before they turned into tickets.

Second is my father used the first neon for pizza delivery when it was his and accumulated several Cornell parking tickets that he never paid. This resulted in me never being able to park on campus the few times I have had to go there. Thankfully there is a parking garage near the campus that is run by the city.

skruffy Dork
3/3/09 10:49 a.m.

I got several parking tickets from campus police at ball state while visiting my future wife. Never paid any of them. Nothing ever came of it.

Not an exciting story.

confuZion3 Dork
3/3/09 10:49 p.m.

My sister went to IUP for a while (a university). She had her car there, but didn't want to pay for the $300 parking pass. She would park illegally all the time and accumulated a bunch of tickets totalling nearly $300 for the year. Finally, the police got fed up with her and booted her car. The joke was on them, however, since to remove the boot it only cost her about $120 (and yes, this took care of all the fines too).

When I was at Bloomsburg University (before Loyola), I was going to go home for the weekend, so I parked in the meter parking accross the street from Elwell Hall. Cool: I had 15 minutes to get my E36 M3, throw it in the five-o, and jet outta there. Well, I ended up getting kinda sick to the stomach (let's leave it at that). I came out 20 minutes later to find a parking ticket on my car. ACCROSS THE STREET, in the FIRE LANES, there were 10 cars parked there that were there longer than me--none of those motherberkeleyers had tickets! I was pissed. I even addressed the officer who assigned tickets about it. He said he didn't bother them since they were just packing up to leave for the weekend. Stupid shiny happy person.

And these were real gun-toting cops who didn't bother to chase down the drunk shiny happy person who was doing 120 mph-top-of-fourth-gear runs in his 99 Mustang GT RIGHT PAST THEIR OFFICE for 20 minutes. It was loud as E36 M3 too--they heard him, but they were to lazy to do anything about it. This was a tiny pedestrian-cramed road with a 25 mph speed limit.

internetautomart SuperDork
3/8/09 3:29 p.m.

since all these college parking stories have come up.
My brother used to park in the paid parking section all the time with no permit. he also didn't get tickets, HOWEVER I had done it when I went there years earlier and had gotten tickets. they held up his graduation because of it. He ended up having to pay off both our tickets :chuckle:

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