JoeyM Reader
1/17/10 8:37 p.m.

When I pulled the engine out of my Datsun 810 wagon, I left the transmission mount attached[1] to the transmission, and the rubber bushing/isolator thingy got torn apart when the end of the transmission scraped across the radiator support.

I'd like to reuse the transmission mount, or at least the center section of it that supports the transmission. I wanted to purchase a new bushing/isolator, but don't know where to find one. I tried my local chain store, and I looked online at a source I've used for datsun fuel pumps, but they didn't have it. (I'll be more specific about useless vendors if I can....I'm just trying to avoid dropping names so I'm not accused of hawking canoes.)

1 - It's the first time I've pulled an engine, I did it alone, and I made some mistakes. yes, I now realize that I should have taken the transmission mount off of the transmission before trying to remove the motor/tranny combo from the car.

If I cannot find one, I'll need to find a better solution. Is there a way to strip the rubber off the old one and replace it with hockey puck material? I know some of you have used them for motor mounts.....

SVreX SuperDork
1/17/10 9:03 p.m.

Street driver or racer?

Hockey puck will make a really firm mount.

TRoglodyte New Reader
1/17/10 9:09 p.m.

Thread nuts on the studs then throw it in the woodstove. Take a trip to your friendly neighborhood truck repair shop and find a piece of retread rubber off a trucktire?

JoeyM Reader
1/17/10 9:12 p.m.
SVreX wrote: Street driver or racer?

Mostly street use (i.e. puttering around, going to car shows, etc.) but I hope to autocross it once a month or so. This is for the datsun replica I've been working on.

Will having the rubber mounts too stiff harm the transmission?

stuart in mn
stuart in mn SuperDork
1/17/10 9:13 p.m.

Did you try Dunno what year your car is, but I found a transmission mount on there for a 1978 810 for $12.51.

JoeyM Reader
1/17/10 9:29 p.m.
stuart in mn wrote: Did you try Dunno what year your car is, but I found a transmission mount on there for a 1978 810 for $12.51.

Awesome! The mount in question (....along with the rest of the drivetrain) came out of a 1982 810/910 wagon.

I just checked again. RockAuto doesn't have anything for the automatic tranny (yes, this car had a slushbox), but they do have one for the manual transmission. I'm going to print out a picture of it and visit the nissan dealer tomorrow to see if they think it can fit....

Mazdax605 Reader
1/18/10 1:47 a.m.

The nissan dealer will likely be able to still get you the part. I was searching for some odd parts to my 78 Datsun 510 coupe last year,and the local(MA) dealer was able to find me every part I was looking for. Some he couldn't get me from the Nissan parts network,but found located at dealers scattered around the country,and gave me the phone numbers. I bought a rubber boot for around the base of the shifter from a dealer in Winslow AZ that must have been sitting on a shelf for 20 years,as it had lots of dust on it when I got it,and the parts counter person discounted it a lot just so they could get rid of it.

This place might be able to help as well,but I am not sure. I was able to get a few OEM parts through them at deep discounts.


4cylndrfury Dork
1/18/10 7:58 a.m.

You can buy different durometer (semi) liquid urethane in a tube that will air set. Figure out how stiff you want your mount to be, purchase said urethane (i believe this is an 80a durometer - which would be fairly stiff but still acceptable for daily use) and have at it!

JoeyM Reader
1/18/10 9:38 a.m.
stuart in mn wrote: Did you try Dunno what year your car is, but I found a transmission mount on there for a 1978 810 for $12.51.

Thanks! They had one for the manual transmission (I hadn't thought to check that) and the Nissan dealer confirmed that the same mount will fit the automatic I have. (Anchor part # 2487)

  • Rock Auto's price: $7.97
  • Nissan dealer's price: $208.00
Wally SuperDork
1/18/10 9:51 a.m.


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