crankwalk GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
4/14/14 2:46 p.m.

I may try to get out there for Bonneville speed week (maybee only a day or two of racing) then hang out in SLC for a few days. What would be some fun things to do around the area in August? You guys are pretty good at this game.

szeis4cookie Reader
4/14/14 2:55 p.m.

I've done some business travel to SLC (although nothing in August yet). If you can, get up the hill above the State Capitol, the view is pretty awesome. The Mormon tabernacle is interesting, although I haven't managed to spend more than 5 minutes in their visitor center yet.

There's a place in downtown SLC called From Scratch where I had the best pizza I've ever had. Pricey (I paid $15 for what I would consider a small), but amazing. The brick oven is behind the bar, so if you sit at the bar you can watch your pizza being made. If Mexican food is your thing, Red Iguana comes highly recommended by my co-workers (although I've yet to go myself).

Also, if you like milkshakes, head for Iceberg. I haven't yet bothered with the other food there yet and presume it's like a typical fast food place. Each time I've been out there, I've gone just to get a milkshake. They're pretty good, and e-gantic in size.

pilotbraden SuperDork
4/15/14 9:25 a.m.

I have been to the John M Browning Museum in Ogden. Many of his proof of concept ,working prototypes, etc. are on display there. It is a good place to spend a few hours.

Toyman01 GRM+ Memberand UltimaDork
4/15/14 9:27 a.m.


BoxheadTim GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
4/15/14 9:30 a.m.

If you like nature and especially caves, hop across the border to NV and go visit the Great Basin National Park. That one is rather close to the Salt Flats.

slefain UltraDork
4/15/14 11:54 a.m.

Pick up a few more wives?

2002maniac HalfDork
4/15/14 9:52 p.m.

Rent a mountain bike and enjoy the cool air at elevation in Park City. Check Miller Motorsports park's schedule. They have some fantastic events.

Jim Pettengill
Jim Pettengill HalfDork
4/15/14 9:55 p.m.

Another vote for the Red Iguana. Maybe zip up to Promontory Point for the railroad history, or Miller Motorsports park? Family History Center for some genealogical research (spent a week there a couple of years ago, found a link, now have my family back to 1425).

ryanty22 New Reader
4/15/14 9:56 p.m.

My cousin lives in a north suburb of slc I can ask him

crankwalk GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
4/16/14 12:14 p.m.

Miller Motorsports park is a pretty good idea. I may bring the lady Crankwalk so the restaurant suggestions and pretty views are really beneficial.

bearmtnmartin GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
4/16/14 12:32 p.m.

Last time I was there I was meeting my family on route to bringing the colossal fossil back from Flint Michigan. Threw a fanbelt halfway up the hill and nearly cooked the motor before I got it safely off the road. It was August and 114 degrees I think. So my suggestion would be to do something indoors near an air conditioner.

jde Reader
4/17/14 8:19 a.m.

The Miller Museum would be worth a pass while heading to/from Bonneville if there's nothing happening at the track.

Sette Bello is another great pizza place in downtown SLC. I've hit a couple good brew pubs, but it's been several years.

The Olympic Training Center in Park City has a bobsled ride that is spendy, but looks like fun.

szeis4cookie Reader
4/17/14 10:39 a.m.

Adding Sette Bello to my list of places to go eat for next time I'm out in SLC, thanks! Maybe next time I'll even get enough free time to head out to Park City, etc.

ryanty22 New Reader
4/17/14 12:59 p.m.

My cousins said nothing to do, boring as HE**

crankwalk GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
4/17/14 1:51 p.m.
ryanty22 wrote: My cousins said nothing to do, boring as HE**

Fair enough. Even then, it looks pretty and there are really fast cars close by for a week. Probably enough for me.

LainfordExpress HalfDork
4/17/14 1:53 p.m.
Toyman01 wrote: Sweat?

Seriously, drink a lot of water.

BoxheadTim GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
4/17/14 2:05 p.m.

In reply to LainfordExpress:

Agreed, in the high desert you don't even tend to notice how much you are sweating so you can easily get dehydrated without noticing.

DustoffDave HalfDork
4/17/14 5:12 p.m.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake. I moved away when I was in my early 20s (about 10 years ago), so here it is, straight from the horses mouth:

  1. I pretty much second everything that everyone else has suggested. Except those who say there is nothing. Anyone who actually lives in SLC and thinks there is nothing to do either hasn't tried very hard, or has never left their house.

  2. The Aerie Restaurant: It's at the top of the Snowbird Ski Resort Lodge. Amazing mountain views and if you go up early, you can ride the tram to the top of the resort and back (or hike down). I'd get a reservation, though.

  3. Ensign peak (the hill behind the capital building) is good. There is a bit of a hike to (~ 1 mile) to get all the way to the top, or you can still get a good view of the city by just parking there (popular make-out spot among the local youth). Go at night.

  4. "This Is The Place" State Park: gives a good idea of what the valley was like when the pioneers arrived. It's been kept fairly period-correct.

  5. Miller Motorsports Park/museum: It's a great facility with a lot going on (including a great kart track) and the museum has some amazing vehicles in it. I was on the public committee that helped get approval for them to build it.

  6. Go out to the Great Salt Lake visitor center. It's stinky and you don't really want to swim in it, but it's an inland sea for crying out loud! It's cool just to say you've been there.

  7. Temple Square is always a good place for visitors. Gives a very good perspective of why SLC is the way it is.

  8. Another great pizza place is The Pie. It's near the University of Utah in the basement of a pharmacy. Huge, hot delicious pizza for not very much and they often have live music.

  9. Park City is only about 45 minutes from downtown SLC. It's up in the mountains and is a fun place to visit with a great Main Street and cool nightlife atmosphere.

  10. If you have the time, you can do just about any kind of outdoors type of activity you want, and it's all within 45 minutes of downtown. Almost all bicycle shops will rent MTN Bikes for the day.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. Or, if you have any questions about how to get to places, where to stay, feel free to contact me.

crankwalk GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
4/18/14 6:34 a.m.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

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