sethmeister4 SuperDork
5/23/16 12:20 p.m.

Not mine, but affiliated. This is my brother's car. I'll let his pics and details tell you the story. He is very thorough, so some of the details will be obvious to you guys, but he also has this posted on Craigslist.

1986 Toyota MR2 MK1a AW11

$2300 OBO

Built in August 1985
1.6L 4A-GE motor (112 hp), about 28/32 mpg city/highway
90,700 miles*
Has been a daily driver and can continue to be - it’s road ready with a VA inspection through November

The Bottom Line
This car is rust-free (some very minor surface rust in a couple places) and is in above-average shape for its age. It has not been molested, and is in virtually stock form. If someone wanted to sink $2-$3k into this upon purchase, they would have a very nice specimen of a classic Toyota; a home mechanic could save money doing it themselves. If someone wanted to turn this into a weekend autocrosser, you could slap on some lighter wheels and wider/stickier rubber, lighten it up a bit, and have a blast with this great-handling, well-balanced, rear-wheel-drive vehicle. If you just want an economical but fun city driver that’s good on gas even though it’s an antique, this can serve the purpose as well.

I bought the car in November ’13 from the wholesale lot at the local CarMax. When this model came out in the 80’s, a family friend was the sales manager of our town’s Toyota dealership, so my dad and I went to test drive it. Dad managed to get it airborne at an infamous stretch down the road, but couldn’t get it loose around the curves, and we both returned to the lot with ridiculous grins on our faces. It was always a favorite car of mine. So in the fall of ’13 when my mechanic brother texted a couple pics tagged with ‘look what’s in wholesale’, I had to check it out. He took it into the shop to take a closer look, and was surprised at how solid and rust-free it was once seen on the lift. It was really dirty after sitting under a tree for the previous 3 years, but it looked promising. It passed inspection without any work needed, and following an afternoon to look it over myself and drive it around, I bought it.

It’s served simply as my daily driver for the past 2.5 years. I’ve barely put 3000 miles on it in that time. I pulled out the interior and gave it a good deep clean; the inside is in great shape, with no dash cracks or pieces missing. I had to replace the cracked vinyl armrest on the center console with suede, and I put on a new suede shift boot and metal knob as the old leather ones were dry and cracked. I’ve given the exterior and engine bay a few thorough cleanings as well. It needs some new paint, but all the pieces are present with no deep rust.

As much as I’d like to hold on to this for the long haul, I can’t justify a third vehicle or sinking the money into it that I’d like to make it pristine. I’ve purchased a second vehicle with a back seat and some utilitarian features that fits our needs more right now. Nothing with the car itself is making me sell it.

The Good
• Stock form (all original body pieces, wheels, interior, etc.). Minor exceptions are: white instrument cluster with blue backlighting; aftermarket stereo; aftermarket shift boot and shift knob; aftermarket pedals that can be removed easily to expose originals; Trust/Greddy strut tower bar on front; Tom’s [classic Toyota tuning brand] logo on back trunk lid lip; painted valve cover done by previous owner). I even have an original MR2 hood bra stored away in the front spare tire area!
• No rust whatsoever along floor boards, foot pans, fenders, or trunk floor problem areas (see pics).
• Interior is in excellent shape and is very clean. One very slight tear in back of driver’s seat (see pic).
• Lower front bumper and spoiler is present and undamaged.
• Rare but original body-side black and red-striped moulding, Toyota hood letters, rear bumper ‘screaming chicken’ graphic, and ‘screaming chicken’ hood emblem.
• Synthetic oil used.
• Power windows and door locks.
• Shifts like butter, plenty of pep for a 1.6L, and a 7500 rpm redline - it loves to be wound out.
• Driver’s seat has adjustable side bolsters and lumbar support.
• Sunroof has a removable shade, can be tilted up, or relatively easily removed altogether for a targa-type feel.
• Alternator was replaced the summer of 2014. New wiper blades fall of 2015.
• Disc brakes upgraded to StopTech slotted/drilled rotors and StopTech pads.
• New OEM-style muffler installed summer of 2015.

The Needs
• Exterior paint is below average
• No A/C as belt was removed (still on outdated freon)
• Cruise control wire to throttle is missing
• Passenger window doesn’t work (needs new switch)
• Bezel surrounding stereo is cracked, but isn’t really noticeable because it’s wrapped in vinyl
• Sunroof is cracked (a snowplow spit a stone back at me in early 2014 and started the process - I’ve ordered and returned two sunroofs because they’ve both shown up damaged)
• Stereo antenna is not connected to the stereo, so it doesn’t pick up many stations. Also, the aftermarket stereo no longer plays CD’s so it’s just the radio.
• Tires, while having probably 75% tread left, are beginning to show slight cracks on sidewalls. You’d want to think about changing them in the next 12-18 months.
• The passenger-side top corner of the windshield, when it rains buckets at just the right angle, lets a few trickles of water through.
• The interior dome light seems to only work in colder weather. It has bright-white LED lighting when it does come on (probably an easy adjustment).

Feel free to ask for any pictures of something specific. I’ll throw in the Haynes manual, MR2 performance book, a can of performance brake fluid, and some rattle cans for the black trim/valve cover stripping.

Call or text me at 317-308-1582 or email at I’m in central Virginia Beach, VA.

*The story on the mileage is that when a former owner went to register the vehicle at the DMV, she didn’t have the mileage with her so checked the box on the title transfer stating the mileage written was not exact. So the title states that the odometer is not actual miles. Regardless, the motor is lively and the body is solid. It’s got plenty of life yet.

sethmeister4 SuperDork
5/23/16 12:25 p.m.

trucke Dork
5/23/16 12:26 p.m.

'85's were equipment with a rear sway bar making them the best handling of all AW11's.

markwemple SuperDork
5/23/16 8:03 p.m.

I've always liked these. Purposeful and light.

sesto elemento
sesto elemento SuperDork
5/24/16 7:23 p.m.

You think it'd handle a fly and drive to mass?

markwemple SuperDork
5/24/16 8:49 p.m.

Well, it is an 80s Toyota. About as reliable as cars come.

Jerry UltraDork
5/25/16 6:03 a.m.

I still miss my first MR2 (white 87) & paid $2k for that one. This looks like a good toy-car for someone, GLWS.

spitfirebill UltimaDork
5/29/16 6:06 p.m.

This is very tempting.

JtspellS SuperDork
5/29/16 6:14 p.m.

Fufufufufufufufufuufufufufuufufufufufu, Why do these need to be in my back yard........

pinchvalve GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
5/29/16 8:10 p.m.
sethmeister4 wrote:

I thought something seemed off on these shots - I had an MR2 and you should be able to see the road surface when you look down in the corners of an AW11 Trunk - but I looked it up and this is in fact the way they came from the factory.

sethmeister4 SuperDork
6/1/16 12:34 a.m.

In reply to sesto elemento:

Yes, I have no reason to believe it wouldn't. Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on here in a bit.

92dxman SuperDork
6/2/16 7:35 p.m.

oh man. Good thing I can't afford this..

Klayfish UberDork
6/2/16 7:45 p.m.

I've had 3 of these. Oh man, how I want this. Anyone want to drive it down to ATL for me?

ultraclyde UberDork
6/3/16 6:56 a.m.

These are on my short list, but not right now unfortunately. That looks like a great deal.

nile13 New Reader
6/4/16 2:54 p.m.

I've owned 3 AW11s and about 3-4 parts cars as well. Unfortunately... I see rear arches and understand that "rust free" is not quite so.

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