6/12/19 6:54 p.m.

I'm looking for the sun visor brackets that are in the valance at the top of the windshield.  All I can find are new valances.  If someone has the brackets, or an old valance, let me know.   It is for a 2006 Miata with the crappy visors.



matthewmcl New Reader
6/17/19 10:37 p.m.

In reply to toldfield :

The local pick-a-part just got a 2007 in.  What is your price range and where would it need to be shipped to? Do you care about color or are you just needing brackets?


Updated info:  the local yard wants about $40 for a pair of visors.  I am not sure if that is normal price or a higher price since the Miata is in there "premium" yard (nicest 10% of their cars).  Shipping on two visors would be $10 plus a little for me to drive around and pull them?  $60 as a guess?  If someone else has them in a corner, that sounds like it would be your best bet.

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