RichardSIA Dork
10/12/21 1:13 a.m.

1997-2001 Triumph Speed Triple 955 OEM Throttle Body Bodies Assembly 1240765.
Bought these a few years ago to convert a Buick V6 Weber DCO-3 manifold to FI as the Webers were an insane price.
Drew up a nice CAD design and everything, then found a set of Webers to rebuild at a "Decent" but still not cheap price.

These are the individual type throttle bodies so you may spread them apart if needed for your conversion. Two sets so you can do up to a six cylinder engine.
One set still has the TPS. No injectors or fuel rails.
Dusty from sitting on the shelf but in excellent condition.

Best current feeBay price is $149.99 per set.
I think they will fit into a USPS flat-rate box for reasonably fast and cheap shipping.955 TB Six pack.

Six pack reversed.

Sides view.

Engine side.

Engine side.


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