I've been doing a lot of cleaning and tidying in the garage, getting tough with myself about making the distinction between "I have specific plans for that I'm implementing this winter," and "Well, you never know, might come in useful someday." laugh

Keep checking back, because I will keep adding stuff as I find more. There's too much to do it in one sitting. I'll try to upload photos, more pictures and shipping quotes available upon request. All items located in Portland, OR. Open to offers, willing to discuss package deals.

Twins FA20 Stuff: 

-Pretty much everything (minus wiring, ECU, throttle body, alternator belt tensioner/bracket) from a disassembled FA20. It came out of a running 2013 FR-S automatic with 67,000 miles on it and mild rod knock. Bottom end will need going through, $50. Cylinder heads  $175 per side, front timing cover/oil pump $80, intake manifold $40, timing chain/guide/tensioner parts $40, coil packs $40, fueling parts and small parts-make offer.

Toyota Stuff:

Toyota AW11 4AG-GE bigport intake manifold, complete with throttle body, sensors, EGR, vacuum plumbing, etc. No TVIS plate. Taken off a running MR2 with 130,000 or so in the 90's sometime and stored since. Might fit AE82 as well. $80

Toyota T-50 shifter rebuild kit from Techno Toy Tuning, includes wearing parts for the pivot and the end of the shifter. I now have one of them, brand new, no packaging. New they are $45, so $15 apiece for GRM. Just like this

Other Stuff:

New, never mounted Michelin Pilot Power 2CT front motorcycle tire, 120/70-17. Stored inside garage away from sunlight and temp fluctuations. 2016 date code.  $40

Pair of expired Sabelt 3" 5-point cam lock harnesses, slightly aged red color, missing one anti-sub strap. Probably not worth re-webbing for competition use, but could be just the ticket for track day, or a Cobra/Seven/kart build. $50 for the pair, add one strap and you plus your passenger are belted!

More stuff to come soon; might still be one or two Toyota MR2 AW11 stock used engine parts kicking around, quite a bit of Moto stuff, VFR800, Aprilia, and perhaps a few brake parts I no longer need for my Suzuki Cappuccino.

mmcvay New Reader
11/10/21 9:32 p.m.

Pm sent about a shifter rebuild kit.

One shifter kit mailed out today, thanks! One still left, plus lots more!

I bought this AMG-style spoiler and won't be using it. It is primed and ready to be painted to match your car. Fits 2015-2021 C-Class sedans (W205) and is made from sturdy ABS. Might fit lots of other stuff with some tweaking. $10 plus shipping for GRM.


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