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jimbob_racing Dork
6/1/19 8:55 p.m.
robmillion said:

In reply to jimbob_racing :

i can do a lot of older stuff. i can definitely do nissan back to 79. it may be in one of the same kits, but they don't say if they go back that far (earlier than 79 that is).

do you have a key blank number on your key? i can cross reference it and see if the wafers in any of my kits will work.

EDIT: checked my kits. I can do Datsun as far back as 1970 (and maybe even earlier)!



One of my ignition lock sets has a Cole blank coded DA21.  That key should be the same as everything else that I have.  Sent you a PM about sending these out to you.  Thanks!

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