itgogitrev New Reader
11/9/20 7:15 p.m.


I have a single Corbeau fixed-back bucket seat. Comes with a 5pt harness and rails for an AW11 MR2.  Seat has some small holes and some of the vinyl is pulling at the seams.  It's pretty comfy and works well for my big ass (5'8"/215lbs). Drove from Cincinnati to Chicago and back and no soreness.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what model it is.  It looks like it could be an earlier version of the Forza.  

The rails are from Corbeau and are still on the seat.  Worked nicely and seat fit with no issues.


The harnesses... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I know nothing about them aside from them being 5pt and all hardware that was removed will be included (save for the original locations for the OEM seatbelt).

Seat was removed because it was in a car with T-Tops and it was a huge pain to store the tops with a fixed-back seat.  

Not looking to split or ship at this time.  I really don't even know what to price it at, so I'll start at $250 and see what people think.

Everything is in Loveland, OH.







Jerry PowerDork
11/10/20 10:18 a.m.

Considering that's from both of my MR2's (you bought the second one), I can check the details tonight.  laugh

itgogitrev New Reader
11/10/20 5:16 p.m.

Ha!  Indeed it is!  Still love the car and new seats are on the way 

Jerry PowerDork
11/11/20 6:35 p.m.

Pretty sure it's a Forza, probably 2012 or so purchase.  The mount was more than the seat but Apex Performance doesn't list either one anymore so I don't know the $.  The harness is from a local shop that had a bucket of expired but decent harnesses for $50.  I had to order the hardware from Summit.

I regret putting the harness in the silver MR2.  It was fine for rallycross in the white one, but trying to somewhat daily the silver one those 5 individual belts became a PITA.

itgogitrev New Reader
11/12/20 7:06 p.m.

In reply to Jerry :

I didn't think it was too bad to daily it unless one of 3 things happened afterward:

1.)  You hadn't closed your door yet

2.)  Your keys were on the passenger seat

3.)  Your keys were in your pocket

I don't think I ever drove it without all 5 done up either.  The month I had both the new suspension and the Corbeau installed... man, that car was hilarious to drive.  

itgogitrev New Reader
11/18/20 11:59 a.m.

Seat is sold!

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