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misshift (Forum Supporter) New Reader
11/19/20 10:22 p.m.

1995 M3 S50 3.0 engine

I bought this engine as a backup to rebuild for my M3 when I was racing with NASA GTS class. Car has since been sold several years ago. 

 Engine bent valves from misshift.   Allegedly second time this has happened to engine.  Allegedly cylinder head was rebuilt at that time.  Disassembled for inspection.  Cylinders have been honed to inspect final condition of cylinders. Scratches on a couple of bores that can be felt with your fingernail. Scratches did not appear fresh as if it had been damage from previous misshift.  Pistons do have  dinks on the top from  both misshift events.  Always a matter of opinion to use as is or bore out oversize. My opinion would be that if doing a solid proper engine rebuild it needs bored. If doing a street or track day play toy use it as is to keep the expense down, it'll run.  

The engine is long block, valve cover down to oil pan. No intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, FW, or any other accessories. 

Several options, Buy all parts as is for parts. Buy engine with scratches fully rebuilt with stock parts. Buy engine bored with new pistons and rebuilt with stock parts.  Buy engine and have built by me, you, or your shop anyway you would like.  Engine installation in your car by me is also an option. 

Trying to determine what the best route is to proceed with this engine without getting a pile of my money invested.  No interest in selling parts separately at this time.  The only way that might happen is if I keep the M3 cams for my current car and sell the rest. 

Anyone have interest or suggestions, make me an offer.     Located Florida panhandle. 

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