mxandcx5 Reader
12/5/22 12:43 p.m.

4x OEM Honda fuel injectors (Kei Hin brand) from a 1999 Civic HX w/111k. Should also fit 1996-2000 CX, DX, and LX. Will not fit EX or Si. Shipped or local pick-up from Philly area. 

I sent these along with another set to Fuel Injector Repair LLC in upstate NY to have them ultra sonically cleaned. I kept the set that flowed the best, but these still flow very good. New o-rings installed too. I just got them back from the cleaners a 2 weeks ago. Selling for below the cost of purchase + cleaning. I would trust these over cheaply manufactured new ones, that are sold by aftermarket part suppliers. 



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