greggearhead Reader
11/28/22 3:36 p.m.

*Almost* new - has 200 miles on it total. It was installed in a local car, then the owner quickly realized they would rather vintage race than drive it on the street, and vintage race rules required swapping back to the 4 speed at that time. This one is made to fit 1275 engined Sprites and Midgets. Was purchased from Moss Motors a few years ago. These are priced at $5000 now, and on backorder - no idea for how long. From Moss Motors: If you plan on driving your classic, installing a 5 speed transmission will make the car much more enjoyable at highway speeds. Using a modified version of the popular Ford T9 gearbox, the installation is reversible with minimal modifications to the frame or transmission tunnel. Get better fuel economy, less engine wear and easier shifts. The five speed kits come complete with the following components: "Reconditioned Ford T9 Gearbox with modified shifter position New Bellhousing (or adaptor plate on 1500cc models) Spigot Bushing Clutch Plate Clutch Plate Cover Clutch Release Bearing New Clutch Arm Pivot New Propshaft Chassis Cross Member and Strengtheners Speedometer Cable (Note: Speedo will need to be recalibrated) Standard Gear Lever Gear Lever Gaiter All Bolts and Fasteners Detailed Instructions" Save thousands over brand new for a 200 mile version. Happy to ship, think I can do UPS ground, insured. Freight at worst.























2/8/23 3:14 p.m.

In reply to greggearhead :

How much do you want for it and where are you located?

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