M3racer New Reader
12/28/20 6:54 p.m.

This original (previously restored) Gilmore gas pump is a great addition to your garage! Wired for lights in on both side displays and the globe. Pump is in very good condition but could use a little clean up. New replacement glass for gas bubbles on hand (as shown) for upper insert on the doors - small notches  need to be cut to fit the chrome trim to size. I think one fluorescent light bulb needs to be replaced.

I am uncertain if the top globe is original but the remainder of the pump is - this is not a reproduction. Will not deliver or ship. Pickup only in Palm City, FL (east coast 40 min north of West Palm Beach, 30 min south of Fort Pierce). It is heavy - you will need a truck, tie down straps, something to protect the paint, etc. I know all of you GRMers know this but the way some people show up to haul away large items continues to challenge my belief in evolution. My son and I will be happy to help you load it. 

see pics here  https://photos.app.goo.gl/WD1ff8jtZjH18Xba7 and if that doesn't work try the Craigslist link

It is currently taking up space in the garage that needs to be freed up for other projects. I'm asking $2300. Cash preferred, however, one of the projects I want to make room for is a do-it-all NB Miata (start the kid on some track days, a little auto-x, Sunday afternoon get yer yayas out, eventually Exocet it, etc) for which I am currently shopping so I am open to trades for that - goes without saying but manual transmission only, and will consider cash on my end depending on the car.

Let me know


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