secretariata SuperDork
11/21/19 6:41 p.m.

I have a first generation OpenFlash Tablet that I bought and used on my FR-S.  It was stock except for the OpenFlash with a Stage 1 tune which really made it more enjoyable to own and drive.  Made a big seat of the pants difference in the torque dip and I had forgotten how much this alone improved the car until I took the tune off before selling the car.

They can be used for other models as well.  It has been married to one car and per the OpenFlash website they can be married to 4 cars before needing to be cleared by the manufacturer.  It can only be married to one car at a time and there are a bunch of different tunes for the FR-S/BRZ available for download as well as custom tuning being performed to fine tune your particular set up.  Stock, stock with exhaust, E85, forced induction, etc.  For most other vehicles they have set up the tunes don't appear to be available to download directly from the website.  I assume that is to protect their investment in time and effort to hack the PCM and come up with tunes.

Here is a link to the OpenFlash website if you wish to find out more:

OpenFlash Tablet Support Page

I'm asking $400 shipped in the US (Alaska and Hawaii not included). 

I can't get PM's through the website due to having the wrong email provider.  You can post here in this thread or email me at 914steve at Excite dot com.  I will try to make a point to check that email address every evening.


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