I sold off my last DR350, so I no longer need these extras I was keeping to build up a hopped-up engine. I know there's a few Suzuki DR guys on here, or maybe one of you has a Suzuki/Artic Cat quad and can use these.

These parts are in good used condition, and give a slight displacement bump and much thicker cylinder walls for overbores for DR350 guys, plus a more readily-available supply or replacement cylinder heads. For DR350 use, possible drilling/tapping required. Please read up (or ask) for specifics on the conversion. Camshaft is missing a bolt on the auto decomp mechanism.

Located in Portland, Oregon, USA. Willing to ship at buyer’s expense.

Asking $70 OBO for the jug and piston.
Asking $70 OBO for the camshaft.
$125 takes the whole lot, and I’ll throw in shipping in the US if you buy it all.

akylekoz UltraDork
4/4/22 12:04 p.m.

Does this work with a DR350 head?

My buddy has a nice DR350 and may want these.

In reply to akylekoz :

The architecture of the two is the same. The jug bolts to a DR350 head. Kickstart models should bolt up, and electric start models will need holes drilled/tapped to mount the starter. I don't think the camshaft bolts into a DR350 head (at least not a kickstart model with manual decompression) but a complete Eiger head bolts to a DR350 bottom end, using either a DR jug or the Eiger jug. Eiger heads are more readily available than DR heads, and still available new from Suzuki AFAIK, so they are becoming a popular choice for folks with cylinder head damage. I bought the cam with plans to send it to Web Cams as a core for one of their rowdier profiles, and was going to do an overbore on the jug with a new piston, and then find an Eiger head to send to my buddy with a head porting business.

More details here if interested: ADVRider DR350 Eiger stuff

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