jdogg Reader
6/24/23 11:31 a.m.

Looking for a cheap one to see if it gets my oil temps down to 200. This would be an inline that uses coolant from the radiator to cool oil in an oil system. Not sure if I want to spend 600 bucks to find out. I have an air cooled system now but I just discovered they made watercooled ones, derp. I'm building a Bonneville land speed car and need to do serious thermal management if Im going to hold it open for 5 miles.

Preferrably 8AN but I can step it down if need be

RXBeetle Reader
7/3/23 10:16 a.m.

I'm using a 5.9L Ram 2500 trans cooler as an oil cooler on my 13B engine. 5/8" water side barbs and I'm 99% sure the oil fittings are 8AN. They are $50 or less for the aftermarket ones. 


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