matthewmcl Reader
2/14/20 9:01 p.m.

Okay, I have been taking measurements from the parts I have (right and left late 80's with ABS nub not machined) and one right big brake knuckle (different dust shield and hub).  I like these things and I need to find at least a right side with a big brake dust shield or I will have to buy another left and swap the dust shield (same shield both sides).  I am looking for two possibilities:

1. I buy leftover parts from somebody's hoard.

2. I part swap and or pay you to pull parts from your local yard (my local yards have nothing). Trade how?  check (I am in Ogden) and/or and I pull something you need.  We salt roads out here, but not heavily and cars stay reasonably clean.  I can always take pictures of anything anyone else needs.

By the way, is the much nicer yard.

I don't actually need any of the hubs, just the knuckles, so if anyone needs the big brake hubs, let me know.

I will take pics of what I am looking for when I have some good light tomorrow.

Thanks for your help,


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