ElectromotiveTech New Reader
6/14/12 3:12 p.m.

Figured we would offer a peak at the new TECm BMW ECU.

The Electromotive TECm is a replacement motherboard for the Motronic ECU that controls many mid 90’s BMW’s. The TECm is not an aftermarket ECU with an adapter. It is a custom built motherboard designed specifically as a direct replacement for your Bosch Motronic motherboard with built in support for BMW specific features such as VANOS and A/C control. Electromotive TECm can even be installed so that it leaves no outward sign of its presence. All interfaces to your car are supported. Plug in a Electromotive TECm and the factory tach, CEL and fuel consumption gauge all work and the reliable factory engine harness stays intact. You get the advantages of a modern race ECU without the lost time and expense engineering and building a custom harness or changing sensors.

The Electromotive TECm replaces Motronic ‘413’ and ‘506’ ECU’s, including EWS units. They are common on BMW M50 (E36 325, E34 525) or S50 (E36 M3) engines and are often used in the popular ODB2 (M52, S52) to ODB1 intake and harness performance upgrade.

Who can use a Electromotive TECm? If you race in a series where you must manage different tunes for classification purposes (e.g. NASA GTS) the Electromotive TECm is your ticket. Maybe you plan to build or already have a forced induction engine and need to take control of it. Or maybe you are one of those performance minded people who makes incremental changes and wants a platform that will grow with you. The Electromotive TECm is an easy to implement solution for these projects and more.

· Direct bolt in replacement of Motronic ‘413’ and ‘506’ ECU’s motherboard, including EWS units · VANOS (Cam) Control based on RPM and throttle position · Full - Sequential Injection · Idle Air Controller (IAC) Support Built In · MAF air flow meter Support · Factory A/C control including WOT compressor disconnect

TECm is based on the Electromotive TecGT Race ECU and uses the same easy to use Windows based WinTEC4 software. Because of this it inherits the multiprocessor, high resolution Ignition that Electromotive is famous for as well as most of the features of the Electromotive TecGT.

· Fuel and Timing Maps · Coolant Temperature Based Ignition and Fuel Compensations · Intake Air Temperature Based Ignition and Fuel Compensations · EGO (O2 Sensor) Target Tables with Closed Loop Control · Automatic VE tool built into software (learns fuel map on the fly) · Hi and Low Impedance Injector Drivers Built In · MAF and MAP Sensor Support · Warm-Up Enrichments · Over Boost Fuel Cut · 3 Rev Limiters · Idle Control · Fuel and Timing Trim by Cylinder · Onboard Data Recording · CAN Bus support to feed external data loggers (AIM MXL, XG Log, DL1, DL2, Racepak and PCS)

Unused pins in the OEM Motronic are exploited in the Electromotive TECm as General Purpose Inputs and Outputs (GPI/Os) They allow for additional advanced features to be built in such as:

· Boost Control (when using the MAP feature) · Nitrous Control (RPM and Load Enable Nitrous) · Nitrous Retard (Multiple Stage Timing Retard) · Auxiliary Fuel Pump Control · Fan Thermo Control · Intake Runner Control · Custom Controls Based on RPM and Load · Shift Light · Valet Switch · Onboard Data Recording · Timed Advance · Timed Power Cut (shift cut) · Fuel Trim · Advance Trim . And More!

For more information on this system, or other Electromotive products, please contact us through the web at www.electromotive-inc.com or at 703-331-0100.

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