4/28/22 6:41 a.m.


I've owned my 2013 Porsche Boxster S for coming  up on two years.  After 48,000 miles nd a season of autocross it's going to be needing pads and rotors soon.  This is my first real performance car and I'm looking for advice on what type of pads to replace the OEs with. The stopping power of the original pads has been fine in autoX and the car won't see any track days.  I'd like something with less dust and w/o the OE price.  

For discs I'm planning on just sticking with an OE style drilled rotor.

So what would your recommendations be? 





dps214 Dork
5/10/22 12:11 p.m.

I'm not really sure you're going to get much less dust especially sticking with drilled rotors. The OE pads seem to work really well, or at least I asusme my friend's cayman still has the stock pads on it. I have porterfield R4S on my cayman, I really like them but they do dust a decent amount. Pretty much nay vaguely performance oriented pad is going to dust, and drilled rotors tend to act like pad cheese graters. I switched to plain rotors because the drilled rotors are too prone to cracking on track, the street dust level is at least a little bit better than it used to be.

DarkMonohue HalfDork
5/14/22 2:20 p.m.

Pretty timely. I've been meaning to ask the same question for my first-gen MR2. I ran Axxis Ultimates until they wore out, and Axxis Metal Master before that, but haven't gone brake pad shopping recently enough to know who offers what. No autocross or track interest here, but I prefer a pad that leans that way as they seem easier to modulate and slower to wear out.

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