gearheadshirts Reader
7/26/11 5:23 p.m.


Autocross, Rally, Drift or Drag the AE86 Chassis Toyota Corolla is perfect for it all. In a time when front wheel drive cars were taking over the world the 86 stood as the last great small rear wheel drive sports car of the 80s... that wasn't German.

Weighing in at just 1300lbs the GT-S model of the Corolla was powered by the venerable 130hp 4AGE which is easily tuned to much higher output with simple modifications. 4 wheel vented disc brakes, 5 speed trans and an optional limited slip differential rounded out the performance package.

This shirt features the classic Trueno style hatchback with period correct Enkei 92 wheels sitting atop the chassis code that gives the car it's Japanese language name, Hachi Roku.

It's on PRESALE right now meaning that we have to sell 25 by 8/15 in order to print. Otherwise everyone who buys gets their money back and no shirts are ordered. So if you want one, buy early and buy often and tell your friends. Once we reach the presale limit we will order the shirts and should have them in hand within 2 weeks after that and back out to you. So the sooner they sell out the sooner you get your shirt!

Presale also means that they are cheap right now. Just $12.99 with free US shipping until the presale ends.

As always I will keep the thread updated with the progress but you can see it for yourself via the progress bar on the shirt's page:

gearheadshirts Reader
7/29/11 10:15 a.m.

LOWER PRICE! I dropped the price to $12.99 SHIPPED TO THE US!! Dirt cheap if I do say so myself.

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