blipshift New Reader
2/7/13 9:14 p.m.

F1 season is just over a month away! We can only hope that our favorite driving poet does well this year. If not, he can at least give us a few more quotes to help us along with our Mumblish.

Our second Restomod is the evolution (or is that devolution?) of mumblemumble kimi. Now on sale for a limited time!

Mumblish 101 by team blipshift

Thinking about learning another language? Start with one you might actually use. The only Mumblish professor we know is busy driving an F1 car this semester but you can get started on your own with this handy phrase... or word?

Available for a limited time and only at for just $15. Sale ends @ 10PM EST on 2/11/13 (Monday).

2XL+ sizes are available ($17) and we ship internationally around the world.

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blipshift New Reader
2/11/13 9:27 p.m.

Registration for Mumblish 101 has ended. Good luck students!

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