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Treasure Coast Miata New Reader
1/20/14 3:53 p.m.

New '90 - '05 Miata Clutch Hydraulic System Refresh Kit by Treasure Coast Miata

Don't let your cars hydraulic clutch system leave you stranded! This kit is designed to provide you with all of the necessary parts to overhaul your Miata's fastest failing part, the clutch slave cylinder, and it's related components.

While we have the slave cylinder for sale by itself, there are other things that should be done when it's time for your clutch hydraulic system maintenance or if you're planning to head out on the track.

Here's what's included in our Clutch Hydraulic System Refresh Pack: •Exedy Clutch Slave Cylinder •Exedy Clutch Master Cylinder •Braided Stainless Steel Extended Length Clutch Line - get rid of that pain in the neck coiled line! •PENTOSIN Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid 250mL Bottle - the same as we use on all our Spec Miatas!

Price is only $70 for this kit!

It can be found on our web site here; Treasure Coast Miata Your Used Miata Parts Super Store

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