ProDarwin UberDork
12/12/15 5:31 p.m.

I think one of my next home projects will be a DIY cockpit. It will not have monitors. I'll be going for Oculus/some other VR device.

What free cockpits are out there that exist in CAD? I'm looking for MDF/plywood stuff. I can probably CNC, router, etc. the stuff @ work.

Ideally I'd find one that would function well as a flight-sim cockpit (think Descent freespace, or some action/arcade sim - not MS Flight simulatior with eleventy-billion buttons) as well as a driving cockpit.

ProDarwin UberDork
12/12/15 6:52 p.m.


(+) .IGS cad file
(-) no holes/small details, pedal mounting provisions are questionable.


(+) solidworks file
(?) super-reclined.
(-) some sections look difficult to do out of mdf/plywood


(-) PTC Creo CAD file
(-) no pedal provisions
(-) not easily done with plywood

4) /

These two are very similar. Same author, dimensionally close. 1 has 3 monitors, 1 has a single, and the seat looks different.

(-) not plywood friendly


(+) appears to be similar to/clone of RS1 DIY Seat
(+) all the holes look like they are there
(-) .top file extension (WTF!?!)
(-) no seat, pedals, or wheel shown

failboat UberDork
12/13/15 7:01 a.m.

1 and 5 are pretty similar to what I built, no monitor attached made of 2x3s and mdf. I actually have mine partially taken apart right now sitting in front of me, I should make a sketch and jot down dimensions. Will update later.

Also I can draw this up in cad too.

failboat UberDork
12/13/15 12:54 p.m.

Here are links to my build thread(s). The GT Planet thread is same as the one here, but all the build info is in the 1st post. There are a couple other ideas posted in the GRM thread by others.

Here's my measurements from today. Red is 2x3's, Blue is 1/2" MDF board. If you want the basic CAD file of this send me a PM and i'll email the .dwg to you.

Note: Mine was built to be as small as possible and to accomodate the seat I had on hand. The seat was mounted with the stock slider attached, and I had to slide it all the way back and recline the seat some to be comfortable as a result. The end goal was to be able to hide this in the closet, and it would, if it would have fit through the door. Ask my wife her thoughts on that. Haha. The seat is now on its way out the door and I am looking to replace it with a low back cheap polyurethane racing seat. Im anticipating having to modify the base at the rear of my setup to get the seat where I like.

I built this with no plans, just some ideas in my head, a tape measure, a jig saw, a drill, and a box of screws. Ive used it with a microsoft wheel, driving force pro, and my current fanatec wheel. You will probably have to consider the peripherals you have, the seat you have, how big you want it to be, and possibly modify someone elses design to suit you. Heres some pics from today. You can see I moved the casters to outside the frame. It was too low before, scraping the ground a lot. They are 3" from bottom of wheel to the top of their mounting plate.

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