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aircooled MegaDork
6/12/20 12:31 p.m.

Here is a tip some of you can try:

I noticed the MR2'ish car seems to be popular amongst the faster online crowd (turns good).  I only had a Buggy that was souped up.  It does surprisingly well!  One big advantage you get with the Buggy is it's great off the line, it launches VERY well.  As I like to say with rear engined cars, turning is not an issue, getting it not to turn is the issue so figuring out a tune and driving style that works can take some experimentation.

It is nice to see the game seems to throw in some realistic handling dynamics.

The biggest downside of the Buggy?  It appears to be a bit more vulnerable to rollover than other cars.  Tank slappers are also an issue, but I get that with other cars also.

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