singleslammer SuperDork
5/5/14 9:49 a.m.

Sorry if this is unsanctioned. I will pull if need be. I will also try to not be spammy. Anyway, we have finally decided to kick this thing off the cliff and see if she can fly. The website is still being put together but we do have a Facebook (I know, we are totally on the ball!)

This is 100% made in the USA out of high grade stainless steel. The holes are laser cut and the brackets are CNC bent. We did our best to make sure that our brackets can withstand the riggers of life on a KLR through the wilderness of the world!

Resting atop our bracket is a set of Hella Optilux work-lamps. These lights kick serious butt. We have a bunch of different lights that are compatible with our bracket (which is basically anything with a pedestal mount) and will be providing lighting comparisons to make choosing a light nice and easy.

The Café (for those of you looking for a sleeker design)

We currently have about 30 units of the MAX Adventure that are available for sale and then our goal is to use Kickstarter to get this thing moving at full production.

singleslammer SuperDork
5/5/14 10:00 a.m.

Video up close

alex UberDork
5/9/14 7:08 p.m.

The cafe would work really well for the streetfighter I have that's currently running Aztec8's - which is now out of business and I was never all that thrilled with anyway. Will your bracket accommodate dual 4.75" lights? What's the pricing and availability on that?

singleslammer SuperDork
5/10/14 12:32 p.m.

Yeah, that size of light is no problem. I would have to check with my designer but i believe that the Cafe would handle up to 7" lights side by side. We will have some made up in the next few weeks of you were interested in trying a beta version.

Pricing on the Cafe is most likely going to be 139 but we will be having an early bird special for 99 on it.

Contact me if you are interested be being a beta tester.

Also, heading to Pointfest if you are heading there.

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