MGS10 New Reader
1/17/21 1:12 p.m.

I have an MGB that I autocross in E Mod, not a serious national car, just something I can beat on, get a good rush and maybe on the right day get fast time of the day at my local autocrosses.  I had been running a cheap 4.3 Chevy V6 with a carb and 5 speed but am switching to a supercharged Buick 3.8.   I was already running a fuel cell but it used the pickups at the bottom of the tank.  I think there are two ways go about getting fuel to the engine. 

Option 1.  Find a universal pickup kit and mount a fuel pump used in Camaro LT1 engines from the 90s.  This should offer easy replacements if I need parts and from research it seems like this would have reserve capacity for any upgrades I may want to do on the engine later.  I have seen some setups on eBay that have a filler cap on them, so I think I could do this on my existing fuel cell, but if anyone had a setup that they liked or have used I would be interested to hear their input.  Most of the other kits I can find to retrofit fuel pumps to fit in the tank look like they would require me to cut a hole in the top of the tank, I am not sure which would be the best route as everyone seems to want to give you installation instructions with the part.  The fuel cell is plastic, cant remember the brand because I bought it around 6 years ago.

Option 2.  Use an in line pump.  I am concerned later that I might have trouble finding a replacement if something goes wrong and with overheating the pump.  It also means I probably have to do lots of math and then make a guess about which pump should meet my needs without being overkill.  I do think the pickup location might be better. 

This is all out of my experience so any feedback, education or sites that could answer my questions that you could refer me to would be a big help.

CatDaddy New Reader
1/28/21 8:59 a.m.

Option 3:

get a Swirl pot that has a mount for a high pressure outlet pump built in. Run a stock mechanical in the bay,  or electric low pressure pump in the trunk to fill the pot. Profit 


jfryjfry (FS)
jfryjfry (FS) Dork
1/28/21 12:03 p.m.

I have a fuel accumulator we bought to help put EFi in our bronco. But before I even unpacked it I decided to just put the pump in the tank and run full supply and return lines.   So if you're interested in the fuel accumulator, let me know. I believe it is complete with an internal pump. 

The idea is that you have your stock low pressure pump fill the sump, and the high pressure pump in the tank supplies the injection.

feel free to email me at my username at yahoo if you are interested.


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