ColoradoBob New Reader
8/5/20 12:12 p.m.

While removing the spark plugs on an Audi 1.8t, I had a spark plug washer separate from the spark plug and get firmly stuck at the bottom of the spark plug hole against the spark plug to head sealing surface.  On-line searches offered multiple suggestions for how to get it out, such as the use of a pick, but all attempts were unsuccessful because there was nothing to grab.  A spark plug would thread into the washer but because the hole was so deep there was no way to pull the spark plug out.

To grab the washer, I welded a threaded rod to a 14mm lug bolt and added a handle to the other end of the threaded rod.  While the lug bolt has the same thread diameter as the spark plug, the thread pitch is different.  Since I had no intention of threading the bolt into the threads in the head, the thread pitch didn't matter.

I threaded the lug bolt one turn into the washer and yanked up.  The washer was firmly attached to the end of the lug bolt and there was no damage to the threads in the head.

I hope this helps someone resolve what can be a very frustrating situation. 

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