pheo New Reader
2/23/18 8:23 p.m.


I am sitting here looking at cheap autos on craigslist, something I know you never do... Anyway I spot a, well, certain car and my mind wanders far back, like to 1984 or so.

I lived in Murfreesboro TN and worked for a tool rental company delivering air hammers, skid steers, whatever. I was told to deliver an air compressor and rock drill to a field near Spring Hill TN. It struck me as odd because there was no construction projects going on in that area.

I figured it would a house or dam or some foundation work type thing. I followed the directions and wound up in a green field in the middle of nowhere.

I got on the radio, "No, I'm not kidding, there is nothing out here, there is nobody to sign for it, its just a field" Rocky (my manager) said "Just drop it there don't worry about the signature. They are building a Saturn plant" 

I replied, "Ok, but what the heck is a Saturn plant?" 


On an aside -- I think there was a backhoe at the back of the field, but it is really feels odd that I delivered one of the first pieces of equipment to build an auto manufacturing plant that doesn't make autos today.

rustyvw Dork
2/23/18 8:41 p.m.

It's funny, but just the other day I was thinking about Saturn.  I remember when they started and it was "A different kind of car company."  I don't know what happened, but they just seemed to fade away.

Nick Comstock
Nick Comstock MegaDork
2/23/18 8:46 p.m.

My wife's company just moved into the building that was the Saturn dealership in our town. Everyone still calls it the Saturn dealership even though there have been several businesses in there since Saturn went away. 

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