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In The December 2013 issue

Build Your Own Sports Car

We build Factory Five's Subaru-powered 818 roadster.

Featured articles
  • Build Your Own Sports Car | Part 1: Turning a castoff Subaru WRX into a budget supercar.
  • Holiday Gift Guide | Admit it, it’s all about the presents.
  • Editors’ Choice 2013 | The 20 things that rocked our automotive world this year.
  • Merkur XR4Ti | A German rarity that’s still hunting BMWs.
  • Audi RS 4 Buyers Guide | The super sedan is now a super used-car bargain.
  • Vintage Views: Toyota MR2 | Do the two-seat two-step.
  • Ford Fiesta ST | Sampling Ford’s latest pint-sized terror.
  • Ford Focus ST | While driving the Fiesta ST, we visited its older sibling, too.
  • Project Subaru WRX | Part 5: Building a new engine since we blew up the original one.
  • Track Tire Shootout | What’s the best rubber for your next track day?
  • Measuring Drag | So how much are those sticky tires slowing you down?
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