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In The April 2021 issue

Fast, Cheap, Dialed

$2000 Challenge competitors build world-beating machines for pennies on the dollar.

Featured articles
  • Challenge Accepted | Dedicated do-it-yourselfers bring the speed to the $2000 Challenge.
  • Sims on the Rise | Virtual racing won’t go out with the virus.
  • Dodge Throws a Power Party | V8-powered thrill rides for the masses.
  • Amanda Skelly: RalyGrl | Moments of Zen at full throttle.
  • Worldwide Adventure | Tackling some of the world’s greatest race tracks–virtually and IRL–with a pro’s guidance.
  • Head Cases | Now that new helmet safety standards have been released, should you upgrade?
  • Helmet Buyer’s Guide | The latest in SA2020-rated headgear.
  • Project 350Z | Part 14: Prepping and painting our race car’s interior.
  • Notes From the Garage | Project car sneak peek
  • Low-Buck Tech | Pinto-powered Benz
  • Fuel Tips | Antioxidants and fuel stabilizers
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