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In The April 2022 issue

Electrifying Performance

Building Tesla-beating creations for only $2000

Featured articles
  • $2000 Challenge | A creative field takes on autocross, drag racing and concours judging on the cheap.
  • Out With a Bang | Why is longtime Porsche hotshoe Patrick Long retiring from fulltime racing at just 40 years old?
  • Rad Ride | Adam Jabaay’s Honda Civic: the car that started Gridlife.
  • Safety, Pro Style | Investing in your safety setup? Take inspiration from FCP Euro’s IMSA effort.
  • Safety Buyer’s Guide | Upgrading your gear? Here’s a look at the latest and greatest.
  • Making Stuff | Part 2: How 3D printers can improve your fabrication workflow.
  • Low-Buck Tech | VW-powered Horizon
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