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In The April 2023 issue

Electrified Performance

Can you easily take Tesla’s hotrod on track?

Featured articles
  • Charging to the Front | The mods that are making the Tesla Model 3 a hot car in motorsports.
  • Stock & Awe | Turning an old stock car into an old Camaro for less than $20K.
  • HyperFest | Growing a race weekend beyond just the racing
  • Hyundai Elantra N | Maybe R isn’t the last letter in small car performance anymore.
  • Honda S2000 Racer | A (Honda) odyssey of racing, determination and camaraderie.
  • Making Stuff | Part 7: Tooling up your home machine shop.
  • Track Day Safety | Just because you aren’t racing doesn’t mean the walls aren’t still concrete.
  • Safety Buyer’s Guide | New favorites and some greatest hits.
  • Tire Test | Is the revised Nankang CR-S the next big contender in the 200tw wars?
  • Code 35 | A safer take on the traditional full-course yellow?
  • Low-Buck Tech | A Lemons-worthy Z-car
  • Rolex 24 At Daytona recap
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