2008 Acura TSX new car reviews

205-hp VTEC engine

Better than: Hyundai Sonata
But not as good as: Honda Accord V6
GRM Bang For The Buck Index: 74.46

Acura's entry-level model used to be the sportiest front-wheel-drive car on the road, but the times and demographic data have changed. The 2008 TSX features a lot of flash, but no fury. It's a shame, too, since the 205-horsepower i-VTEC engine and smooth double-wishbone suspension could have made a 2008 Integra a lot of fun.

What the Acura gives up in thrills it makes up for in handy technology. The dashboard looks like a grand operating panel with buttons, knobs and dials to communicate with global positioning satellites, your iPod, cellular phone or BlackBerry.

The Acura has a more polarizing look than something like Audi's A5, but it's not without its own appeal. Interior amenities feel as familiar as they do in every other Honda product.

Other staff views

Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder

I disagree... I think the Acura TSX is one of the best small-mid sized sedans on the market. It handles better than the Accord and is nearly as fast with the smooth four than the Accord's V6--and the mileage is good. I'd spend my money on it if I need a sedan.

Joe Gearin
Joe Gearin

Throw me into the uninspired camp as far as the TSX goes. It isn't a bad car, but it doesn't do anything exceptionally well either. The styling, both inside and out, seems to be trying too hard to be hip, or edgy, or trendy. Instead it just looks silly and overwrought. I suspect this car's styling will age very quickly.

Also, in this age of super-intelligent transmissions, this car's auto seemed clunky and indecisive. I expected this Acura to pour itself down the road with that seamless Honda smoothness. Instead it lurched, and shifted abruptly at normal driving speeds. Once the driver gets a bit more aggressive the TSX finds its stride, and is almost fun. The transmission's paddle shifters are set nicely for battle mode, but in reality how often will these cars be driven above 7/10ths?

I liked the old TSX's size and nimbleness. This new car is much larger, less intimate, and way more gimmicky. Sure, it may be smaller than a new Accord, but the new Accord is Buick Park Avenue sized! For me, there are many better choices for a reasonably priced nice sedan.

Tom Heath
Tom Heath

I'm a little split, but I think I'm with Joe on this one. The TSX is nice, but doesn't strike me as an enthusiast's car at all. Maybe I just didn't drive it hard enough, but it never inspired racy feelings in me. However, if you want an uninspiring, but comfy and stylized sedan—this fits that description.

J.G. Pasterjak
JG Pasterjak
Production/Art Director

The TSX seems to be a bit of a victim of its own competence. In my time with it, which included a couple-hour highway drive, I found not one feature that stood out in any sort of negative way.

And, to some extent, that's Acura's problem. Every facet of the car is so uniformly decent that nothing really stands out above anything else. It's a horrible way to compliment a car, I know, but the TSX suffers from being too good across the board.

Dynamically the TSX is responsive and feels like a tidy package. The gearing seems a bit off for the engine's power curve, though. Perhaps a more aggressive torque converter (or a manual? That would be neat) could send the power to the wheels in a bit more assertive fashion.

With no glaring highs or lows, the TSX is all about the delicious, creamy middles. It may be a lousy girlfriend, but it will make a great wife.

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