2013 Dodge Grand Caravan R/T new car reviews

The 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan comes in five flavors to cater to your lifestyle and means: the AVP, SE, SXT, Crew and R/T. Our press vehicle, the R/T, had great seating room and storage space, not to mention its engine being named in “10 Best Engines” by Ward’s Automotive two years in a row.

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Other staff views

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens
Editorial Director

If there's one thing that Dodge does well, it's offer a nice minivan. Yeah, that's kinda been there thing for years, but glad to see that they haven't lost that mojo.

Alan Cesar
Alan Cesar

This van had a lot of things in it. It's certainly well equipped for the price. Lots of screens, HVAC all the way back, navigation and so on. You get plenty of cargo capacity and amenities, and as uncool as minivans are, it's hard to argue with big, sliding doors and that useful shape.

The Caravan is, however, miserable to drive. The transmission shudders on up and down shifts. Steering is as talkative as the average morgue inhabitant. And despite having lots of things, it still feels cheap wherever you touch. Gobs of plastic absolutely everywhere.

If the overwhelming practicality grabs a hold of you, it's a good buy. But maybe get one with fewer options, so the leather isn't in such dour contrast to its cheapness.

Joe Gearin
Joe Gearin

I was unable to examine this particular example of Dodge's latest Minivan. However I've recently driven a 2013 elsewhere and have to say that Chrysler's "Stow and Go" system is pure genius! All of the seats (captains chairs included) fold into compartments built into the floor---leaving a cavernous and flat loading area. The seats are easily manipulated, and when in their upright place, the underneath "seat garage" doubles as extra storage. The system works seamlessly, and is an engineering marvel.

The only drawback I can see is if you cross the U.S. border frequently. I'd imagine the agents will quickly learn to look for the little "Stow and Go" badge on the B-pillar--- leading to more frequent (and thorough) searches.

Otherwise these Minivans are competent, and comfortable, but not quite up to the driving standard set by the Honda Odyssey. The Honda's interior flexibility can't hold a candle to the Chrysler's however.

With reasonable pricing, a pleasant driving experience, and that amazing "Stow and Go" system these Chrysler Minivans are worth a look if you are searching for a people mover. As a contraband hauler....you may want to look elsewhere!

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