2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid new car reviews

Better than: a non-hybrid
But not as good as: a hybrid squared
GRM Bang For The Buck Index: 68.36

Hyundai is certainly moving forward with the rest of the Green world with this Sonata Hybrid Limited. What beats great mileage? How about great mileage and the satisfaction that you’re doing Mama Nature a solid.

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Other staff views

Alan Cesar Alan Cesar

As far as hybrids go, this one was surprisingly good. It actually moves at a reasonable pace under electric power without having to kick on the gas engine. When the engine comes on, it's not harsh or intrusive. It's not miserable to drive—in fact, it's decent enough that it doesn't attract attention to itself. Though that does also mean it doesn't excel, I imagine Hyundai would prefer if we didn't remind people of the Excel.

I did not have an opportunity to test our recent Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid, but I suspect these two vehicles are in tough competition. The Fusion is far more attractive, though.

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