2014 Infiniti Q60 Convertible new car reviews

Does Infiniti deliver luxury? Yes. Does Infiniti offer style? Definitely. Does Infiniti give a plethora of options? Absolutely. How about 300-plus horsepower? Done. So what’s the down side?

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Other staff views

Joe Gearin Joe Gearin

There's a lot to like about this latest G37 convertible. What was that?..... this model is no longer a G37, it's now a Q60.....even though it still displaces 3.7 liters? Ok, I"m confused. It looks like Infiniti is taking a page out of Acura's book and replacing well known monikers with nonsensical new ones. Marketing genius!

Regardless of the silly (and confusing) name change, this is a thoroughly decent car. It is fast, smooth, comfortable, and easy to use. Yes, the door shudders alarmingly when you close it, and the refinement isn't up to Lexus standards, but overall, this is a very nice, stylish boulevard cruiser.

If you ( or your Mom) are in the market for a luxury pop-top, this Infiniti is worth a look. It's an attractive package, whatever they decide to call it.

David S. Wallens David S. Wallens
Editorial Director

When I heard that we were getting an Infiniti Q60, I expected something riding on monster truck tires. Then I saw that was not the case.

Yes, Infiniti has totally redone their naming protocol, inserting a bunch of Q's and assigning new numbers. What was formerly known as the G37 Coupe now carries the Q60 designation. Does that mean engine output has been stretched from 3.7 liters to 6.0? Um, no, that's just now how Nissan rolls. It also means that any consumer identity has been cast aside.

The Q60 convertible itself is a nice update to the previous G roadster. It's comfortable and plenty quick enough for the rank and file. Is it a true sports car? No, it's not really for the person who's cross-shopping a Miata. It's more of a softer alternative to an automatic Boxster or Corvette, maybe.

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