2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring new car reviews

Mazda was kind enough to help us get our hands on one of these cars while on a trip to California.

We recently reviewed the sports version of Mazda's third-generation roadster, the MX-5 Club edition but we thought the more tame Grand Touring model deserved its own review, after all it's a fairly different experience.

So how is it different from the Club edition? Really comfort is the deciding factor, not that the other model is an uncomfortable drive. The Grand Touring features a full leather interior, heated seats, automatic climate control and audio by Bose. The added comfort to this sports classic makes it a great commuter car.

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Joe Gearin Joe Gearin

As you've probably heard, the new Miata (MX-5) has just been released, and it looks pretty darn good. While the masses may be all a-twitter about the shiny new Miata----- I like the old version just fine.

I recently had a chance to sample the outgoing car during a L.A. trip. How did I like it? Well--- I liked it enough to consider buying one, and this is coming from someone who rarely falls for new machinery.

The swan-song MX-5, especially in Power Retractable Hardtop form is wonderful package for an enthusiast daily driver. Sure it's a little heavier than the standard car, but it's also quieter, less likely to get broken into, more water proof, and the A/C is more effective. My tester was the full-zoot Grand Touring model with leather, heated seats, auto climate control, and materials with a rich-- quality feel. Imagine a Z4 or CLK that is more fun to drive, better looking, and 1/2 the price---- and you get the picture. Heck, it's even fun with the flappy-paddle automatic box.

Of course a little classified searching will find you a sub 25K mile Sport model PRHT for around twenty grand. I'd expect those prices to fall with the new model coming out. For a fun, reliable, good looking car that's cheap to buy and keep---- the MX-5 still can't be beat. If you aren't hung up on having the latest and greatest--- this outgoing model is certainly worth a look---- and promises to be a real bargain!

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svxsti New Reader
5/6/15 6:03 p.m.

Not surprised no comments. If you can't make as much power as Honda don't disappoint everyone. The RX-8's rotary should be in this as a coupe.

dherr New Reader
12/22/15 3:43 p.m.

Well, I picked up a 2007 MX5 Sport with 65,000 miles on it for $8k and it is the best spent money for a used car that I have done in a long time. Sure it is not crazy fast, but it is fast enough to be fun, great looking and with some better tires and a Goodwin or Flying Miata suspension upgrade, will be my autocross and commuter toy this summer once winter is over. Much more fun to drive than almost any other car in this category or price range.

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