2016 Ford Mustang GT Convertible new car reviews

Better than: Camaro Convertible
But not as good as: Mustang GT Fastback
GRM Bang For The Buck Index: 84.63

We've been spending a lot of time around muscle cars recently. This convertible version of the Mustang GT came with the grunting 435-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 and an opportunity to hear it better with the top down.

Just before receiving this Mustang, we had a brand new Camaro convertible—this car's rival. So how did the two stack up?

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David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens
Editorial Director

Driving the Camaro and Mustang convertibles back-to-back made me realize how much more I prefer the Mustang. The Mustang just makes less compromises: The interior fits me better, the car itself feels smaller, and the interior layout is just a bit more spot-on.

Plus, when comparing convertibles to convertibles, you can lower the Mustang’s top without losing trunk space. (The Camaro can’t do that.) Our Mustang was a GT while the Camaro had a V6, so it’s unfair to compare drivelines.

Let’s talk about that Mustang GT driveline, though: love it. I love the Coyote V8 and, while most of us prefer the manual, the automatic found in our test car is really good. In fact, I’d call it one of my favorite traditional automatics out there. The shifts are fast, while the Sport setting really transforms the car.

How good is the new Mustang? It sent me to Ford’s website to build my own: a magnetic six-speed GT coupe with the Performance Package, Recaro seats and spoiler delete, please.

Ed Higginbotham
PunchyWrench - Ed Higginbotham

I'll admit that while I enjoyed this Mustang behind the while, I never actually drove the Camaro. I merely rode in the cramped back seat one day.

But I can say definitively that I'd rather have the Mustang. Even if it wasn't the GT, I would still choose it. The interior is laid out very well and visibility is much better than the Camaro.

But if you have the opportunity to purchase one of these new Mustang GTs, do so even just for the soundtrack. It's a great sounding car with lots of power and a great drivetrain. This car had an automatic transmission, but that's actually a $1,195 option over the manual. I'd opt for the manual, lower the price, and have more fun if it was my car.

It is heavy, though. The convertible model with the automatic transmission weighs in at almost 4000 pounds. But this is not the exact model you would buy if you were going for overall performance. Just sit back, enjoy the breeze and give that snarling monster following behind you a good kick every now and then.

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