2020 Genesis G70 RWD 3.3T Prestige new car reviews

Genesis split off from Hyundai back in 2015, and since then, they have been blazing a trail to show the world how Korea does luxury.

If the 3.3T G70 we had for a week is anything to go by, we'd say that Genesis is a serious competitor in the luxury sports sedan segment.

Under the hood of the 3.3T G70 lies either a 3.3 liter, twin-turbocharged V6, or a 2.0 liter, turbocharged inline four. Both engines can be found in the G70's cousin, the Kia Stinger.

Power can be sent to the rear wheels or all the wheels depending on configuration, and a six-speed manual can even be had on the 2.0 liter engine.

Thinking about getting a fun-to-drive sedan in the near future? Be sure to keep Genesis on your radar.

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Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard

The idea of an upmarket division for Hyundai started way back in 2004 with a model called the Hyundai Genesis. According to Wikipedia, it wasn’t until late in 2015 that Genesis Motor, LLC was incorporated as a stand-alone company. In 2017 they introduced their first model, the G90.

Fast forward to today and Genesis now has four models in the range. The least expensive is a BMW 3-Series sedan fighter named the G70. This beautiful, nicely appointed, well-made sedan starts at $35,450 in RWD configuration. At this price point you get a 252 horsepower, turbo charged 4-cylinder engine, that Car And Driver found a bit underwhelming in a long term test car.

Our test car featured the optional 365 hp (376 lb.-ft. of torque), 3.3-liter, twin-turbo V6 coupled to an 8-speed, paddle shifted automatic. Equipped this way, the G70 is fast as hell and is much better equipped than the aforementioned BMW 3-Series.

Our test cars came equipped with the Elite ($1450) and the Prestige ($4300) package. The Elite package includes mostly convenience features like rain sensing wipers and ventilated front seats, while the Prestige package is primarily responsible for the stunning looking interior with quilted leather and luxury touches wherever you look.

Equipped with all this goodness, the G70 is a tick under $50,000, which at a BMW dealer is a base 3-Series. One thing our test car did not have was the $5600 sport package, which gets you adjustable suspension and a few other niceties.

The G70 is a stunning looking car. With a bold (but not ugly) grilles, svelte sides and a classic greenhouse, the G70 is a handsome car. You can argue that the big boomerang trim pieces on the sides aren't needed, but you quickly get used to them, too.

Inside, as mentioned, the interior with the optional Prestige package is truly stunning. This car looks like a million bucks. The radio is world class. Ergonomically everything falls readily in your hand, and the controls are easy to figure out. There is plenty of room for both driver and passengers, and your instant impression is that this is a really nice luxury car.

Out on the road, the G70 is smooth, quiet, comfortable and fast. While not a race car by any means, the handling is confidence inspiring and for a rather large and heavy car, the G70 is nimble on its feet.

While the handling is more than adequate, the G70 really shines in the quiet and comfortable department. This car is whisper quiet, extremely comfortable and is definitely the kind of car you would want to commute to work, or drive across country.

Fuel mileage ratings, even with this much motor, are a bit archaic by today‘s standard. The G70 with the 3.3-liter engine is rated at only 20 mpg overall (17 city-25 highway).

In conclusion, we loved the looks, drivability, comfort and power of the 2020 Genesis G70 RWD 3.3T Prestige. While fifty grand is still a lot of money, it doesn’t take you that far in the luxury market. We have driven $70,000-80,000 cars that didn’t offer the benefits of this car and we would easily pick this car over the new BMW 3-Series.

Marjorie Suddard
Marjorie Suddard
General Manager

It’s always fascinating to see which of the vehicles we drive the general public notices. Flashy Mercedes and BMW models are reliable praise and comment generators… and so are Hyundais. A couple of the guys came trotting out of my gym to look at the Palisade I drove last week, and this Genesis gathered compliments everywhere I went—you know, back when I still went places and got within speaking distance of people. It’s the total package—looks, power, handling—at a price I could’ve afforded before the market’s coronacrash. Which I was handling pretty well until Tim pointed out that the money my IRA had lost could’ve bought me a new Genesis of my own. (Shakes fist and screams at the sky.)

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