BMW , e30 , FCP Euro , Cars For Sale , E30 BMW
You Need this: The E30 BMW that started FCP Euro Motorsports

FCP Euro Motorsports raced this very E30 BMW in the American Endurance Racing series in 2016.

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Honda , Civic , honda civic , Civic Type R , Live Thread , FL5
Live Thread: One week with an FL5 Honda Civic Type R

We have an FL5 Honda Civic Type R for a week. What do you want to know?

Honda , ev , CES , electric cars
Honda to debut all-new global EVs at CES 2024

Honda announced plans to debut “an all-new global Honda electric vehicle (EV) series” at the upcoming CES 2024.

stock car , Cars For Sale , V8 Pro Cup Car
You Need This: A former Hooters Pro Cup Series stock car

This 2009 V8 Pro Cup Car–now sporting a freshly-built LS2–previously raced in the Hooters Pro Cup Series.

Dodge , 24 Hours of Lemons , Lemons of Love , Low-Buck Racing , Dodge Grand Caravan , Grand Caravan , Van Racing
One man to race a minivan in every 24 Hours of Lemons race in 2024

Zac Caldwell is setting out on a mission to compete at every single race on the 24 Hours of Lemons schedule–for a good cause, of course.

Volvo , V8 , wagon , Volvo 240 , Engine swap , Cars For Sale , Volvo Wagon , Volvo 245
You Need This: Supercharged Ford V8-powered Volvo 240 wagon

This Volvo 245 wagon is a bit different from most: Under the hood sits a supercharged, 5.0-liter Ford V8.

Infiniti , Cars & Bids , Cars For Sale , Infiniti Q45t , Q45t , Stillen
You Need This: Infiniti Q45t formerly used as show car for Stillen

This two-owner, low-mileage Infiniti Q45t was previously used as a show car for the tuning brand Stillen.

Hyundai , Truck , Santa Cruz , Ridgeline , Maverick , Truckette
One week (well, five days) with a Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited

We had the opportunity to spend a few days with a 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited AWD. Here's how it went.

Chevrolet , Offroad , colorado , New Car Review , Live Thread , Colorado ZR2 , ZR2
Live Thread: One week with a 2023 Chevrolet Colorado

We have a 2023 Chevrolet Colorado for a week. What would you like to know about it?

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