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Volkswagen , VW , rallycross , beetle , Your Projects
A primer-gray Beetle with rallycross aspirations | Your Projects

This Beetle project isn't a restoration. It has rallycross duty in its future.

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Volkswagen , VW , wagon , Golf R , Estate
VW introduced the latest version of its forbidden Golf R Estate

The Golf R Estate is very real, though it isn't available in North America.

Volkswagen , VW , Motorsport
Volkswagen closing its motorsports division

After 55 years, Volkswagen Motorsport will be incorporated into Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen , VW , 24 Hours of Lemons , Your Projects , FOX
Meet the new owner of our VW Fox budget racer | Your Projects

Now that our VW Fox budget racer has a new caretaker, see what its future holds.

Volkswagen , rabbit , VW , vr6
Someone buy this VR6-powered VW Rabbit before we do

Not only is this VR6-powered Rabbit a 24 Hours of Lemons competitor, but it’s also street legal–and it's for sale.

Volkswagen , Voltswagen
ICYMI: Volkswagen Renames Itself Voltswagen

Apparently, an all-electric future begins with a simple letter change.

Volkswagen , FOX
The Auction for Our VW Fox Project Car Ends Tonight

Tonight is your last chance to bid and potentially win one of the greatest race cars ever assembled.

Volkswagen , rabbit , Pickup , Caddy , Your Projects
Your Projects: Is a Diesel VW Rabbit Pickup Less Boring Than a Mazda3?

According to forum user white_aversion, a diesel VW Pickup can be described as the following: It was awesome. And not fast.

Volkswagen , Polo , Harlequin
The Harlequin Volkswagen Polo: Love It or Hate It?

What better way to celebrate Blue Monday than with a modern take on the VW Polo Harlequin?

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