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Mazda , Triumph , Miata , TR3 , Your Projects , Body Work
Did someone really put Triumph TR3 doors on a Miata? | Your Projects

You've heard of putting modern parts of a classic car, but what making a modern car look like a classic?

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Mazda , Your Projects , Protoge5 , Grand-Am
Reviving a Mazda Protegé5 race car | Your Projects

Not just a Mazda Protegé5 set up for racing, but one built specifically to compete in the former Grand-Am Cup.

Mazda 3 , Your Projects
How to prepare a Mazda3 for rallycross | Your Projects

Need some tips on preparing a car for rallycross?

Your Projects , MGB GT , GM 3800
Why just put a GM 3800 into an MGB GT when you could supercharge it, too? | Your Projects

Why choose a supercharged 3800 put into an MGB GT? It's different enough to stand out, says the car's builder.

Mercedes-Benz , Your Projects
Remember that Mercedes-Benz CL500 track car build? Now it’s mid-engine. | Your Projects

Forum user tygaboy has taken the Mercedes-Benz CL500 track day car to the next level by making it mid-engine.

Ford , Duratec , Your Projects , Ranchero
Why not a Duratec-powered Ford Ranchero? | Your Projects

The best engine swap for a Ford Ranchero? How about a Duratec?

$2000 Challenge , Your Projects
The free Europa rides again, this time with a Toyota heart | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Yes, that Lotus Europa is the focus of yet another build thread, but this time it's gunning for $2000 Challenge glory.

$2000 Challenge , Sprite , Your Projects , bugeye
A V8-powered Sprite called Riggamort | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Will this tired, V8-powered Bugeye Sprite be the next $2000 Challenge champion?

Mercedes-Benz , Your Projects
This Mercedes-Benz CL500 trades luxury for track day fun | Your Projects

The ideal track car? Why not an early 2000s Mercedes-Benz CL500?

Mercedes-AMG , Your Projects , R63
What ever happened to Mazdeuce’s Unicorn of Destruction?

Amazingly, mazdeuce’s “The Unicorn of my Destruction” still lives and breathes.

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