Mazda , Miata , electric , ev , NA , GRM+
How to EV-swap an NA Miata | Read now with GRM+

Back in 2012, one man decided he'd had enough of paying for gas, so he turned a Mazda NA Miata into an electric car.

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Mazda , Miata , MX-5
Which limited-edition Mazda Miata is your favorite?

Mazda made numerous special versions of the Miata over its lifetime. Which is your favorite?

Miata , Boxster , S2000 , hardtop
Why are we so attracted to fastback hardtops on roadsters?

Adding fastback hardtops to roadsters: Hot or not?

Mazda , Miata , MX-5 , Offroad , Miata Is Always The Answer
Trail-tackling Off-Roadster | Your Cars

Have some rocky off-road trails between Points A and B? Here's proof that Miata is still the answer.

Mazda , Miata , NB , Roadster Coupe
Have you met the Roadster Coupe, Mazda’s Japan-only hardtop NB Miata? | Rate It

Ever heard of the Roadster Coupe, Mazda's factory hardtop NB Miata?

Miata , exomotive , exocet
Happy 10th birthday, Exomotive

Exomotive has been producing its Miata-based, open-wheel kit car since 2011.

Mazda , Miata , nintendo , Mario
Mario drives a Miata?

What else would everyone's favorite platform-jumping, Goomba-smashing, Italian plumber drive?

Audi , Honda , Mazda , Miata , #FastFriday , Ultimate Track Car Challenge , Accord , RS3
Could a V8 Miata be the next UTCC champion? | #FastFriday

We’re announcing the seventh round of entries accepted to compete in our Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge.

Mazda , Miata , electric , MX-5
Next generation Miata likely to be electrified

Mazda confirmed that it is working towards some sort of electrified Miata–be it a hybrid or all-electric.

Mazda , Porsche , Miata , 914 , GRM+
The Miata-Powered Porsche 914 Track Machine | Read Now With GRM+

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