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Miata , Boxster , S2000 , hardtop
Why are we so attracted to fastback hardtops on roadsters?

Adding fastback hardtops to roadsters: Hot or not?

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Porsche , Boxster , Porsche Museum
Porsche Museum Offers Virtual Tours of its 25 Years of the Boxster Exhibition

The digital exhibition features all Boxster models, as well as “ancestors and family members” of the entry-level Porsche.

Porsche , Boxster
Porsche Celebrates the Boxster Turning 25 With Limited Edition Model

Happy birthday Porsche Boxster. Here's a limited edition model to celebrate

Porsche , Boxster , 986
The Porsche 986 Boxster Is a Performance Bargain You Should Consider

The Porsche 986 Boxster is pretty inexpensive right now. How inexpensive? We only paid $8300 for a 2001 Boxster S for our sister publication, Classic Motorsports.

Porsche , Boxster , 986 , Your Projects
Your Projects: Bringing a Flooded Boxster S Back to Life

Sure, this Porsche Boxster S is a 50 Years Anniversary Edition, but it was also completely submerged thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

Porsche , Boxster , Your Projects , Time Trial
Your Projects: A Wrapped, Battle-Scarred Boxster

Don't let that pretty wrap fool you, user Box4VIR's Boxster is a homebrewed track weapon that started out as a simple autocrosser that quickly evolved into the slick time trial …

Porsche , Boxster
Tonight on GRM LIVE!: Nort Northam and our Porsche Boxster S

The Nort Northam Collection specializes in classic Porsche and Mercedes-Benz automobiles. They'll be on the show tonight to discuss what to look for with a 986 Boxster and also give …

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