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Honda , LS swap , Honda Accord , Accord , Cars For Sale
You Need This: LS-swapped '88 Honda Accord

1988 Honda Accord for sale, now with double the cylinders.

BMW | LS swap | e36 | E36 M3 | BMW M3 | M3 | BMW E36 M3
You need this: An LS-swapped, Techno Violet BMW E36 M3

This E36-chassis BMW M3 has a lot going for it: Techno violet, LS power and some rad Momo Heritage wheels.

David S. Wallens
Chevrolet | LS swap | chevy | colorado | Chevrolet Colorado
The ultimate burnout machine? How about an LS-swapped Chevy Colorado?

While GM did offer V8 power in this platform, the pairing wasn’t offered with the smaller cab.

Staff Writer
BMW | LS swap | Your Projects | 318i
Your Projects: A Home-Brewed, LS-Swapped E30 BMW

What do you do when the stock engine in your BMW 318i breaks? If you are forum user BeardedMuffin, you swap in a Chevrolet LS V8.

Colin Wood
Volvo | LS swap | 240 | Your Projects
Your Projects: Is a Week Enough Time To Turbo LS Swap a Volvo 240?

Engine swaps can take a lot of time, but that didn't stop rustomatic from trying to do one in a week.

Colin Wood
Mustang | LS swap | Your Projects
Your Projects: Saving an LS-Powered Fox Body Mustang

When user EricD735i reluctantly needed to sell his LS-swapped 1989 Ford Mustang, user Error404 stepped in and save the project.

Colin Wood
LS swap | Your Cars | Roush Mustang
Your Cars: LS3-Powered Roush Mustang With Home-Brewed Aero And More

Let Patienzero show you how to be one of the cool kids with an LS-swapped Roush Stage 2 Mustang.

David S. Wallens
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