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Peugeot , WEC , 9X8
Meet the 9X8, Peugeot’s wingless entry for the WEC Hypercar class

Peugeot says this wingless prototype racer is the successor to the iconic 905.

Peugeot | engine
Where did the modern race engine come from anyway?

Learn about the rebellious Peugeot drivers and engineers who designed the modern engine as we know it today.

Colin Wood
Where Did the Modern Race Engine Come From?

The smaller-displacement, higher-revving racing engines used today are all thanks to a rebellious group of Peugeot drivers and eningeers.

Colin Wood
Peugeot | Rate It | RCZ
Rate It: A French Take on the Audi TT Formula

Was the Peugeot RCZ a clever sports coupe, or was it little more than a weird French copy of the Audi TT?

Colin Wood
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