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What’s your favorite memory of working on someone else’s car?

Working on someone else's project offers plenty of memorable moments. What's one of yours?

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Tools , garage , Shop Work , Discussion , Work Space
What is the most valuable tool you own?

Whether it's monetary, sentimental or some other reason, what's the most valuable tool you own?

Shop Work , Upgrade , Discussion , Modify
You can only make one modification to your next car, what are you upgrading?

What's harder than deciding how to spend that million? How about deciding on one modification to make to the car?

DIY , repair , Fiberglass , Shop Work
How to fix fiberglass

Have some fiberglass that needs fixing? Here are a few web items that should help with the repairs.

Miata , supercharger , Shop Work , GRM+
How to supercharge your Miata for less than $1000 | Read now with GRM+

Learn how to add boost to your Miata–or really any car–on the cheap using a salvaged supercharger.

DIY , Shop Work , Machining , Coming Soon
Put down the angle grinder and learn how to machine parts at home | Coming Soon

Think you need a machine shop and an engineering degree to make precision parts at home? Think again.

DIY , Paint , Shop Work , paint damage
How to fix that paint chip–without going to the body shop

If you drive your car at all, it's likely to get a paint chip. Here's the DIY way to fix those chips.

Fiberglass , Shop Work , Exhaust , muffler , GRM+
How to repack a sealed muffler at home | Read now with GRM+

That muffler not sounding as pleasent as when you first bought it? Don' throw it out–repack it. Here's how.

Tools , Shop Work , harbor freight
Harbor Freight tool reviews | Real feedback from real users

Want to know if that Harbor Freight tool will hold up to the abuse? Our forum members made a thread to find out.

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