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Acura , Honda , Sim Racing , eSports , HPD
Honda Performance Development Announces Esports Program With JAS Motorsport and SRO

Time to boot up the sim rig: HPD is looking for the fastest virtual racers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Sim Racing , olympics , Gran Turismo
ICYMI: Sim Racing Planned for Upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee announced plans to introduce a virtual series for baseball, cycling, rowing, sailing and motorsports.

Colin Wood
Sim Racing
Start Your Processors: Sim Racing Schedules

With real-world track activities on lockdown for a while, several sanctioning bodies like SCCA, NASA and IMSA have created or officially endorsed online racing venues.

J.G. Pasterjak
SCCA , Sim Racing
The SCCA Has Just Crowned Their First Ever Digital Champion, Paul Darling

See Mom, we told you there was a point to playing Gran Turismo and Forza for hours!

Jordan Rimpela
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