V8 , GM , ice , engine , General Motors , V8 Engine
Is the GM V8 dead? Not so fast.

Going all electric by 2035? Well, the company said it's investing in a new V8.

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Engine swap , engine , Discussion
Tell us: “Horrible engines” that really aren’t that horrible

Is that engine really bad news, or is that just what the internet believes?

Peugeot , engine
Where did the modern race engine come from anyway?

Learn about the rebellious Peugeot drivers and engineers who designed the modern engine as we know it today.

engine , Roller Rockers , Pushrod
Can Modern Roller Rockers Help That Old-School Engine?

Will upgrading the roller rockers in a pushrod engine yield more power? We tested that theory to find out.

Lego , engine
Your Favorite Engine, Now in Lego Form

Looking for a replica model of your favorite engine? Now you can have one made entirely of Lego.

engine , Model
You May Have Built a Model Car Before, but What About a Running Miniature Engine?

Does building a smaller version of something make it easier or harder to build? Whatever the case may be, there's something fascinating about these model engines that actually run.

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